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GTR offers partnerships with local businesses. Technology changes and updates daily, having affordable repairs and reliable technical advice available are a necessity! Email Glotechrepair@yahoo.com today to discuss your business needs!

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Ringo Dau


I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Infrastructure (IT) in December 2019. I have always been interested in all technology like video games, computers, and cell phones. I started repairing things at an early age because my mom would ask me to fix random things around the house like the washing machine when it broke. Being able to learn, and successfully repair a washing machine as a teenager with no background experience gave me a sense of accomplishment and confidence to tackle anything that needed repair. As I got older, I started repairing my own phones and video game systems such as my PS3 and Xbox 360. Now I use these same skills I have learned to help others.

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Glo Tech Repair’s mission is to offer elite, affordable, and quick repairs that bring a sense of joy to our customers. Relationships are key so that is why we operate with integrity, respect, and dependable information.

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